Jayesh Dhonde

UX Designer



A Bit About Me

My career started as a UI Developer after completing my Master’s in Computer Applications.  As I progressed in my career I also had a chance to perform duties as a Design Lead.
My actual journey started when I moved to Canada as an Immigrant in 2018. Leaving my parent’s nest and the comfort of home, I left for this beautiful country in search of a better life! 
I had always heard that the journey will not be easy and truly it wasn’t. Enrolling myself in a Diploma program in Business Analysis, I decided to begin this journey on the process side or ‘WHY’ side of things. I got into the Dean’s Honor List and passed with flying colors. 
Then, a period of struggles and hardships began.  Having just one year of work permit, I wasn’t getting many opportunities and those that I was getting were not on the problem-solving and understanding user’s side.
To make ends meet, I took a job as a Fundraiser. That job made me a more humble, empathetic person and filled my heart with gratitude. 
Working and saving funds, I finally saved money to enroll myself in a Bootcamp learning UX Design, which I always wanted to do and didn’t get to do earlier. 


I'm a calm and extroverted person who loves Food 🍛, sneakers 👟, and Memes 🤣! I'm also a wannabe photographer 📸!